Friday, July 18, 2008

What I'm Doing This Summer

  1. Sitting under my fan reminiscing about the good old days of air conditioning.
  2. Learning American Sign Language.
  3. Watching Oprah.
  4. Hating my Environmental Poli-Sci class.
  5. Getting paranoid about the fate of the world because of my Environmental Poli-Sci class.
  6. Realizing that living with a couple instead of a single person is not fun.
  7. Not driving anywhere.
  8. Waging war against my absolutely terrible cell phone company.
  9. Looking for a new apartment.
  10. Attempting a little tan while avoiding sunburns.
  11. Slowly integrating a more vegetarian diet.
  12. Playing the lottery.
  13. Hoping to win the lottery.
  14. Being happy that I have only one more year of school.
  15. Making plans for after graduation.
  16. Summer patios and backyard BBQs.
  17. Watching terrible summer reruns.
  18. Wearing cute summer skirts.
  19. Eating raspberries.
  20. Maybe blogging more.


LA said...

Mishy! Good to see you blogging! I take it you're doing summer school. I did that too (every summer), and while it may be a drag now, you will be very glad you did it later. I once lived with a young couple in love, and it totally sucked. Good luck in the apartment hunting and the vegetarian-diet integrating. Hope to see more posts from you!

GetFlix said...

1. I have air conditioning in two rooms, and only turn it on when the humidity becomes really bad. I am a big fan of fans.

3. Judge Judy is my daytime weakness.

7. Same here. (Except for a couple of New England road trips.)

11. I sense slowly because of #16.

14. Nice plan.

15. Better plan.

16. You and me both.

18. With or without panties?

19. You could pick your own here.

20. Please do.

Diane said...

I have always wanted to learn sign language! Sounds like a good summer and like flix, I hope 20 comes true!

Lizzle said...

Thought you died, welcome back!

Post more! That is all.

D.O.M. Dan said...

I remember when I only had one year of year of school left. That would have been 1983, and you were probably not born yet. Hang in there, and enjoy those backyard BBQ's.

EditThis said...

You're doing way more than me. So far, my summer has consisted of work and more work.

prettykitty said...

awesome to see your back in the blogosphere!

i tried one of those to do lists, but it was easier when i made it a to don't.