Friday, August 01, 2008

Titans of their Industry

My boyfriend and I often have inspirational conversations and thus I'm am now turning to the internet in an attempt to compile a Celebrity Big Penis List. Celebrities, politicians, sports figures... anyone well known, really. I am looking for you to tell me the celebrities who you know to have or are rumoured to have a big penis. If you've seen a big celebrity penis in person, well then I insist you provide the details of your amazing celebrity wang story.

Why am I doing this? Well, for one: I love knowing things like this because I am a secret pervert, and two: I want to see how many people find my blog because of their google searches. I suspect I will get a few "Celebrity+Penis+Size+HUGE+List+Size Queen" hits on my sitemeter.

Now for my list:

  1. Ed Begley Jr.
  2. Tobey Maguire
  3. Tommy Lee
  4. Tommy Lee Jones
  5. Arsenio Hall
  6. James Woods
  7. Jim Nabors
  8. Owen Wilson
  9. Eddie Fisher
  10. Tom Jones
  11. David Bowie
  12. Mikhail Baryshnikov
  13. Donald Sutherland
  14. Lou Reed
  15. Paul Stanley
  16. Hugh Beaumont
  17. Bob Newhart
  18. Huey Lewis
  19. Vincent Price
  20. Billy Bob Thorton
  21. Robert Wagner
  22. Jimi Hendrix
  23. Ronald Reagan
  24. Milton Bearle
  25. Sean Connery
  26. Prince William
  27. Prince Harry
  28. Dean Winters
  29. Andrew Dice Clay
  30. Dan Rather
  31. Orson Wells
  32. Dolf Lundgren
  33. James Worthy
  34. David Letterman
  35. Harry Connick Jr.
  36. Tony Danza
  37. Willem Dafoe
  38. Steve McQueen
  39. Steve Martin
  40. Ralph Fiennes


GetFlix said...

I hope you're not tossing and turning at night, trying to decide whose name to add next.

Jay said...

Um, I think your secret's out.

p.s. Tobey Maguire?!?!?

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Getflix: It is one of the more serious issues I think about. But it hasn't interrupted my sleep. Yet...

Jay: Obviously you've never done a google search for "Tobey+Maguire+Penis" with the safe search off.

Diane said...

It took me awhile to remember the name of this friend of Liz Taylor (which should send your gaydar pinging), but . . .

Roddy McDowell

(I once saw an old photo)

EditThis said...

Interesting list. I had no idea the princes were so well endowed.

Ryan said...

Your poor boyfriend...

LA said...

How did I miss this post? I see you already got Uncle Milty.

Here's a way to do the research yourself.

You could also ask Sienna Miller and Kate Hudson for a list.

Have fun with it!

Professor Freud said...

Die Penis ist ein ernstes Thema.


In his day,Jack Nicholson was rumoured to have the biggest peen in Hollywood.

Chris said...

Vern Troyer?

PixieGaf said...

You dont have Dennis Rodman on your list.

Rebecca said...

Oh My!! Look at the things I'm missing reading about when I don't visit your blog.

prettykitty said...

of course i knew ralph would make the list. but i don't see ewan's mcgregor.

Deborah said...

Happy New Year, wherever you are, my fellow canuck.

GetFlix said...

Mishy come back . . . you can blame it all on me.

Lizzle said...

You forgot pretty much the entire L.A. Lakers lineup.

And I didn't see Tom Jones on there... He's reputed to have a HUUUUUGE one... From what I've always heard, it's supposed to be like a boa constrictor!

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